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Here at Cloud IT, we're committed to making your IT simple and hassle free.


We cover the full spectrum of IT services - to make your IT hassle free. Our services include:

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General IT Support

All of our technical staff can provide onsite and over the phone as required. We have experience in remote and face-to-face service. Our technicians are fully mobile and can be onsite quickly to solve your problems or can use the leading remote and Service Desk software available on the market to solve your issues remotely saving you time and money.


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Networking Services

Whether its getting that new printer connected, rolling out wifi in your business or you have outgrown your current network and run out of ports, we can set up a solution that matches your needs and budget.

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Custom IT Service and Support Agreements

Don't want to worry about IT? We can just take care of it all for you with a service agreement that meets your needs and an IT team that integrates with yours as part of your own team.

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Security Assessments

How safe is your client and confidential information? Can you and your staff recognise an email scam? We provide Endpoint security through to full firewall and cloud security solutions.


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IT Backup Solutions

Is your critical business information really safe? We provide Cloud-based backup solutions for Office 365, Google apps and MAC/PC endpoints through to full disaster recovery solutions. Plus, we can actively monitor your systems to make sure that everything is working and protected as it should be.


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IT Consulting

Tired of reacting to IT needs? We can work with you to develop a plan your IT so it fits your business now and tomorrow helping you budget and plan for IT costs.

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IT Compliance

We can help you get your IT up to scratch to comply with industry or regulatory compliance.

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Endpoint Systems Management

We can look after all of your updates, patches and system maintenance.

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IT Maintenance of Systems and Machinery 

We can provide proactive and preventative maintenance to your IT systems and machinery, to mitigate risk and prevent technology downtime and business interruption.

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IT Monitoring

We can setup monitoring of your IT environment often finding and fixing issues before they disrupt your business.

Ready to make your IT hassle free? 


Get in touch with us today for smart and simple IT solutions to help your business grow.

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